Thursday, April 1, 2010

This day, 24 years ago!

This day, the first of April 1986 was my first day in the boarding school. I had just turned 6 exactly a month ago and I was sent away from home. There was really no other choice. First few years, I'd be honest, were tough. Specially when I came back to school after visiting home, usually on alternate weekends.

But I got used to it. There came a point when I loved being at school more than any where else.

I spent twelve wonderful years at the school and I can't thank my parents enough, specially my mother, for having the courage and heart to send me away from them. I'm a parent myself, and I can understand how tough it is being away from your child. But they didn't let themselves get week for my future's sake.

Today, when I look back, I cherish every bit of time that I spent there. Incidentally, a friend, who joined the school same day came to visit me at my village and staying with me for a night tday.

I still remember how sacred I was on the first night, and how disappointed I was on the last.

Good old days.

The school was Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur. My father attended the same school too.

Long live Sadiq.

School Canteen

IT Center

Senior School, the early days!

Senior School, main block.

Al-Maktoum Library


  1. Hey ur boarding school seems quite royal...just breezed thru some of the other topics( i m abt to leave from work in 5 mins) ...quite articulate i must say !! will read the other posts later... happy weekend Allah Hafiz !!

  2. Thank you Namit for visiting my blog and thank you for the kind words too :)

    Well the school wasn't really royal, but one of the top boarding schools in Pakistan. I have a lot of photos of the place in my album. You can check it out there.

    And do let me know if you like other posts ;)

  3. The IT Centre looks imposing.. and the library is making me jealous..!!
    Schools only SF can afford..!! :D :P

  4. Oh, just a couple of million a year perhaps..! :P

  5. Nooooo...... the highest I paid for a 3 months term was around 80K back in 1997.