Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A bit of laugh and fun...

Intakhab angry over Rana Naveed's selection!

Pakistan cricket team's coach/manager Intakhab Alam is agitated and angry over Rana Naveed's selection for Pakistan's ODI squad for Sri Lanka series.

His argument: ''How can a player be older than the coach. This is preposterous. If he can be selected then why not I? Ridiculous. If uncle (Naveed) is selected, than I sure as hell am playing too.''

The important thing to note is that Rana Naveed Ul Hassan and Intakhab Alam's late father were class fellows at school, and Intakhab refers to Naveed as Uncle Rana.

Rana Naveed is extremely upset over Intakhab's comments and has been heard saying, ''Iss ko goud mein utha kar mein chachay Raheem ki dukan pai le jaya karta tha Jubilee dilanay, aur aaj yeh aysi beaten kar raha hai meray khilaf. Aaj Alam zinda hota tou iss kay kaan khenchta,'' (I used to carry him in my arms to Uncle Raheem's shop to buy him sweets, and look at him how he talks against me. Had Alam been alive, he would have taken him to task.)

Reports are that Rana Naveed, or Uncle Rana as Intakhab Alam calls him, was really excited about the selection and was looking forward to the tour. So much so that he had ordered a brand new set of teeth for himself that he would take along. But now he is really upset and has canceled the order saying, ''Bas purani bateesi se hi kaam chala loon ga aur inn payson se naya khussa banwa loon ga. Eid pai kaam aa jaye ga.'' (I'll manage with my old set of teeth, and instead will buy a shoe with the money for Eid.)

Very few people know that Rana Naveed has served Pakistan in more than one ways. Rana actively participated in Pakistan movement while he was in college.

Later he fought the 1948 war against India and took a bullet. He also served as Miss Fatima Jinnah's polling agent at one of the polling booths in the 1964 presidential polls. He later got arrested in Bangladesh in 1971 while he was at a leisure trip to East Pakistan with his grand children.

His latest endeavor is cricket.

Some people also credit him with the invention of wheel.


  1. Hey this is mean. I think he has done a lot for Pakistan Cricket and we should respect him for that if nothingelse . But yeh its hillarious for sure hehe.

  2. Isn't Rana Naveed Inzimam's younger brother?! :P :D

  3. I thought you invented the wheel and used to sell fire..

  4. Ayyo, no. Inzi is actually Rana Naveed's grand mother.. ;)

  5. Silly me!! I thought Wasim was the grandmother..! :D

  6. Waseem is way younger than Rana Naveed man.. you have no idea how old this 'boy' is. :p

  7. Sikandar why not write something about the seven students detained in the UK, helpless and I have read that the bail application is rejected and their trials will not start before 2010. so for the whole year they will be locked in a jail. I am sure ur article will be very insightful :) ... Or write about the UN commission investigating BB's murder since we common people are paying for the investigation.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanx