Saturday, April 3, 2010

To America... Through gym!

Although now, in an unprecedented move, the US has exempted the Pakistani nationals from screening at its airports, this post, however, was written back when Pakistan was added among those to be screened. Anyways, I thought why not share it anyway, even if a few months late.

As we all, by now, know that Pakistan too is among the countries who's nationals are going to be strip searched at the American airports. What a surprise!

Anyways, now that we are in the 'prestigious' list, and lots of us 'do' want to travel to the US, I say all the aspirants should head to a nearby gym, and start training. All of us who want to visit US need to get in shape before we land at an American airport. It's now a matter of national prestige. Imagine, how awful the dangling love handles or the macho man boobs would look when we'll stand naked in front of foreigners, at a foreign land?

My advice to all the 'Amreeka goers' is to get in shape. As simple as that. Their motto should be, "To America... Through gym!" It's nation's pride at stake after all.

Sikander Fayyaz
January, the 20th, 2010.


  1. @Siku
    Sometimes, you can be funny as well..!! Wonder what will happen if the male airport guards start falling for the well toned bodies and the handles and doorknobs.. and what not..?! :D :P