Friday, April 2, 2010

Sania weds Shoaib, India hates Pakistan even more...

Last week has seen the biggest non-cricket, cricket news for Pakistan since the T20 victory. Amid the fines, bans, appeals and team selections comes a news that our very own Shoaib Malik is going to marry India's very own Sania Mirza. Without going into the merits of the match, I'd begin with congratulating the two.

The news was like both the Eids combined, many times over, for Pakistanis but disappointed Indians to say the least. I personally found both the stances quite funny to be honest. Facebook, Orkut, twitter and every other social networking site was flooded with congratulatory messages of Pakistanis to each other. India's Sania was all of a sudden 'Bhabhi ji'. People actually gathered outside Shoaib Malik's residence to celebrate, and not just that, in some cities people even danced on the roads on the beats of dhol. In India, on the other hand, there was a gloom. The announcement didn't go down well with most people. Bal Thakray, the Shiv Sena chief, even advised Sania to marry an India, by saying, and I quote, "had she been truly Indian at heart she would not have chosen a Pakistani''. Simple (read funny) people on both sides of the border. I'm, although, enjoying the circus thoroughly.

I actually started writing the post to share a few really funny quotes that I read on different social networking sites. I have chosen the following to begin with, but I'll keep updating the blog with more quotes as I find them;

A lad named Siddharta asked following question to Sania, and I found this really funny:

"A few questions to Sania Mirza

1-Has Fatima Bhutto ever wanted to get married to Lakshmipathy Balaji?
2-Did you watch Veer Zaraa one too many times?

3-Does your family not have a copy of Lakshya at home?

4-Is this some lameass attempt at making the “Aman Ki Asha” campaign a success?

5-Do you know you are already being called Pakistan ki Bahu even though Sohaib Malik was never even treated like their own son?

6-Do you realize why Shoaib Akhtar got a bout of genital warts?
7-Do you realize Asif Ali Zardari might end up at your wedding and make cheesy-ass remarks while grinning from ear to ear? [scares the hell outta me]

8-Do you realise the LeT will do a 22 gun salute in Muridke

Finally Do you realize, your wedding might just have ONE DISH as per law in Pakistan? All that feminist bullshit and you will move because of your man to Dubai? Dubai?! Who the fuck goes to Dubai anymore? Even Mohammad Asif said fuck this – im injecting at home. As if every tom dick and harry in this country singing Atif Aslam songs in this country wasn’t bad enough. Not even the good ones. "

Another guy, Anand, actually a friend from across the border shares his fears for both Shoaib and Sania in following words;

"Anyways, wish them all the best, but don't think they are a nice pair by any means...ghar pe kya baat karenge..ek toh usko English nahi aati...iski Hyderabadi-wali nakko bava sab sunke woh pagal ho jayega...(what would they talk at home.... one he can't speak English, listening to her Hyderabadi he'll go mad) she is a lot more sophisticated than Malik... I still keep hoping Sania's father meant Shoaib Akhtar and not this idiot.. "

A really hurt friend from India vents his anger out in following words:

"GOP should celebrate this by providing a national holiday on wedding day.. "

A happy Pakistani friend shares her joy:

P.S. im quite happy that finally the bollywood 's crystal ball inside which Pakistani girls always fall for an Indian guy n finally leave for their susral is broken :)

An extatic Pakistani:

"Liken Indians ko jaltay howee dekh kar I am soooo enjoying this!!!" (but seeing Indian (asses) burning, I'm so loving it)

There are plenty more that I can add, but you probably get the picture. Indians and Pakistanis can't live with or without each other, and that's for sure.

Photo courtesy BBC


  1. Chanced upon your blog and the article is amusing ...I wonder why the pakistanis think its some moral victory over Indians that she chose a pakistani man to marry by rejecting Indians...She was engaged to a muslim Sohrab and rejected his for whats the big deal..

    I thought muslims in India married their relatives /alliances across the border so why the fuss...
    this isnt the first case and she isnt even a Hindu for the Pakistanis to get over excited...
    and as for Bollywood,s crystal ball I think they show a hindu-muslim not muslim -muslim so there...

    Indians and pakistanis can live without each other...maybe some people love to put down all thngs India always...

  2. Hahahhha!
    This is Moment to Congratulate the Young Couple.This is moment of joy and happiness for the young couple,family and friends.There is nothing Victory and Defeatin this,as some Hard core people (on both sides)think.
    They have their self constructed convictions and interests,which donot suite to common people.
    one must not forget our history ,heritage amnd past on the both sides(after 1947) there are people who were closely linked,related and befriended cannot come close due to these peoples' interest.Hindus & Sikhs in India
    has their heritage ,pilgrimage spots and lineage from areas as far as afganistan (undivided India).Similarly, people living in Pakistan have their Lineage, linkages and ancstoral belongings in India as well as Hindus ,rajputs,jaats so on .
    It was division in family but culture,traditions and heritage is same.
    I have heard that duo is planning to settle in Dubai????
    I think it is a wise decision and slap on the faces of HardCores!
    With Luv and compassion,
    Dr.Sandeep K Jain

  3. Priti, as Dr Jain very aptly puts it, reactions fro both sides are silly. Some Pakistanis are overly joyed, unnecessarily and some Indians are overly hurt, unnecessarily. I mean what if Sania married an American or Shoaib married a German? Would the reaction still be the same?

    Dr sahab, you are absolutely right.. :)

  4. GOP should celebrate this by providing a national holiday on wedding day..

    [red]1st of all want to clear... this comment i made was looking at the way pakistan got happy on a private marriage party nothing more than tht otherwise shoaib had been involved in a similar case earlier too....

  5. yayy..I have become famous..

  6. @Indians

    The thing is that you guys show too much of fiction in your movies like "Hindu guy marrying Muslim girl" and thats really childish you know

    I mean if you are so liberal why don't you show other way round

    but today when an Indian girl married a Pakistani guy we are celebrating because Indians are facing the reality

  7. @ Arsi2077.

    Another funny comment. Sikku Bhai should add that as well.

    I guess the media is in need of news. They got the news but we got the notion of each others thinking that too according to our own thinking! :)

  8. "The thing is that you guys show too much of fiction in your movies like "Hindu guy marrying Muslim girl" and thats really childish you know" like it when a muslim guy marries a Hindu girl but the other way round is childish..

    Very much shows what an arrogant chauvenist you are..How does it matter how the permutations pan out, the reality is one is Hindu or Indian and the other is Muslim or Pakistani..

    In this case, people resent because a popular Indian girl (not that she's muslim) married a pretty ordinary Pakistani guy..Like I had put it, it would have been an amazing reaction if it was Shoaib Akhtar and not this gawaar..

    Keep your prejudices and arrogance at your cave in Peshawar..

  9. I mean if you are so liberal why don't you show other way round

    i guess u r yet to watch movies like my name is khan or kurbaan

  10. but today when an Indian girl married a Pakistani guy we are celebrating because Indians are facing the reality

    [red]thts why i had said why jst limit to celebrating why not have a national holiday on the wedding?

  11. If Pakistanis should have a national day on their wedding then surely indians should have a national moaning day....i think after 14th aug 1947, this would be the day tht would hurt them the most. Ooopsss :P

  12. Unquestionably a Karachiite..Mourning day you mean??

  13. This is not an 'English language test' Anand ;)


  14. Not challenging ur english Sir Anand..but ''moan'' actually means---

    A low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain.

    Does it help??

  15. Fair enough...wouldn't have pointed it out if you had not come in with the "Karachite" ID..

    Pakistani Engliss is sure confusing and hilarious many times..

  16. Sikander bhai....well..atleast through ur blog, tamilian mate learnt a new english word from a Karachite today, Happy days;)

  17. f Pakistanis should have a national day on their wedding then surely indians should have a national moaning day....i think after 14th aug 1947, this would be the day tht would hurt them the most. Ooopsss :P

    who is crying???
    no1 is crying. shoaib did this earlier too with ayesha no1 gave it a fuck instead every1 was bzy in ipl1 this time too no1 was interested until pakistanis strted making it a victory issue... thts why i had said and i say it again its a day pak shuld declare holiday on....4 ur kind info every week on matrimonial col of a newspaper there r tons of ads regarding crossborder marriage proposals... it was never an issue..... all the issue came into limelight 4m the day few ppl strted dancing infrnt of shoaib's house to show tht they r making it a victory issue

  18. Thanks Sikander.I do agree with Dr.Jain and your views.If they would have married a German or an American ,no one would care since the citizens of those countries aren,t stupid enough to comment that she /he married cause we are a fairer/stronger race etc.India and pakistani are ENEMIES so national interest lies here since she is a public figure (albeit an arrogant one).

    Ofcourse ,the Indians making a fuss are also equally stupid as marriages across the borders within muslims isnt uncommon especially from Hyderabadi and Lucknowi families.

    I personally know of women married there and those who have come to India as well..they are just not famous enough to kick a fuss..

    Arsi 2077 ,stop watching bollywood if you cant digest what they show.They wont become poorer just cause the likes of you dont buy the tickets.What have they shown in Newyork or My name is Khan ,Kurbaan (didnt know Maya ,Mandira etc were muslim names)etc.Has any kicked a fuss just for this(the Shiv sena row was a different reason altogether)

    Why does it even bother you as to what we show.Do you know how many famous and infamous muslim woman have married Hindu men.The cases dont come out openly due to your religious issues etc but if it was the other way round ,no one hides it..

    For God ,s sake lets practice our respective Religions and behave and become humans first.

    Anand ,I so agree with you.You sure did become famous !

    Lastly,congrats to those two .They must have had a strong and valid reason to get married just a month after her split to her ex-fiancee.


  20. I don't see the entire point behind this post. Its their private life and its their decision to get married. Love transcends national boundaries, and if it is love that the two have then I wish them the best of luck.
    On the other hand, please please.. Balaji deserves something better than Fatima bhutto. He at least made the Indian cricket side, where as fatima is perhaps the most overrated person I have ever seen and read.

  21. //

    who is crying???//

    U sweetheart!!...and no u r not busy in ipl, u r busy pleading GOP to declare wedding day as a national holiday!

  22. ^^
    You sure can't sniff out sarcasm in posts, can you?

  23. Karachite,

    Well, its your thinking that Indians are crying, its anshul's thinking that you are crying.

    The bottom line is, the media is crying in both countries!

    They need the news, they got a pretty good one to keep themselves busy for a month or so...

    Like I wrote earlier, Media got the news and we got the notion of each other's thinking according to our own thinking!

    Anyways, its no more fun now.

  24. stumbled upon this blog today & i found it to be a good read & a hilarious one too. could not stop laughing especially after reading the hyderabadi lingo comment. I'm from hyderabad, India & hence could relate well.

    talking further about Sania & Shoaib, both are overrated individuals in their respective fields & do not deserve the time & attention that they are getting from the meida. Sania is sure to remain in limelight after her wedding atleast in pakistan if not in India due to her short skirts & T-Shirts, foresee some mullah or Immam from Pakistan issue a fatwa very soon.... will be very funny to see what happens but any ways wish both of them good luck.

  25. Thank you David for liking the post. I think one thing which has become quite clear from this episode is that we, Indians and Pakistanis, still need to mature.