Sunday, April 26, 2009

• • •Taliban Marriage Bureau

Life is full of surprises. These days most of the surprises that life is offering, unfortunately, are unpleasant ones. For example, ten years back, who would have thought that Taliban would be in Pakistan, ruling a tiny territory? Or for example, in Mush's era, who would have thought Pakistan Government would sign a deal with Taliban? But these surprises keep coming along, making it difficult to accept them and come to terms with them.

Now, the surprise that I plan to talk about in this post is something that I wouldn't have imagined even in the wildest of my dreams. Swati Taliban patronizing LOVE MARRIAGES. Exactly! I was also shocked as much as you are.

The Taliban in Swat have set up a Bureau called 'Uroosat' or 'Marriages' which will make sure the men and women who are in love, but cannot tie the knot because of family or tribal pressure can be gotten married. All you have to do is make a phone call, and Taliban will take care of the rest. They have given a fatwa or a religious decree that all the adult men and women have a right to marry someone of their choice or they love. Reports are that they have already arranged marriages of several such couples. They have also given assuarnces that these couple will not be targeted by their familes or tribes under the ages old brutal tribal custom of 'honor killings.'

I hope Government of Pakistan too could take out just this leaf out of Taliban's book and implement it through out the country. But only if wishes were horses...


  1. Naah..! The Govt should have nothing to do with such personal stuff...! If two lovers want to marry, they should be allowed as per the law.. but Govt intervention should be a strict No-No..!

  2. No it that sense. Actually Pakistan has had problems of honor killings, i.e. people, especially women, who choose to marry someone they like are discouraged, even to the extent of manhandling. In some cases they've been murdered too. So many people who do love someone and want to marry them would not dare do so because of the fear and pressure of their family, clan or tribe.

    That is what I meant by the 'Government Intervention.'