Tuesday, April 21, 2009

• • • Pain diminishes pain!

I had to rush my father to hospital this morning, as he was unable to pass urine since midnight last night. Last evening we were at a urologist's clinic discussing with him a problem exactly opposite, as he had to get up for 7 to 10 times to use the toilet. Anyway, we went to a near by private hospital, which by the way is among the top in Lahore, to seek medical help. We got to the hospital's emergency room, there a doctor and his support staff efficiently checked his vital stats and prescribed a manual way to clear the bladder. As they were carrying out this simple procedure (not operation), I heard light moans of my father, and his pain brought tears in my eyes, which I did extremely well to hide from the hospital staff, or at least I think I did.

The thought of a loved one, a father, in pain made me feel whatever he was going through and I prayed to Almighty to end it right away. As I was sitting there, with watery eyes and prayers on lips, a RESCUE 1122 ambulance rushed into the premises and after half a minute an elderly person was rushed in on a stretcher in the E/R. 3 to 4 doctors with 8 to 10 support stuff ran in to receive the patient and started trying to restart his heart beat. The gentleman had had a cardiac arrest. His two sons were waiting patiently outside, younger one crying. After some 10 minutes, the duty doctor came out and announced to them that it was all over. Their father had died. The elder son couldn't hold himself back this time and went on his knees crying, begging the doctor to try again. The younger one cried even louder, begging the doctors to do whatever they could possibly do. "Mein apna sab kuch de dun ga, meray waalid ko bacha lo," - "I'll give every thing that I have, please save my father." He kept repeating this again and again, asking doctors to save his father.

It was painful. So painful that I forgot my own worries. Even my father, for a good ten minutes, wasn't bothered about himself. Another pain had taken over our own, a bigger pain had diminished a smaller one. We were completely out of our senses. For the hospital staff, it was just another day at work.


  1. Wonderful words!!!...really touched by this post!!!

  2. //I heard light moans of my father, and his pain brought tears in my eyes//

    I can completely relate to the feeling..! We grew up with the image of our father being the strongest Man in the world.. to see them in pain to see them growing frail with age.. breaks the heart...!