Sunday, April 26, 2009

• • • Brownie Points

I have never been a MQM supporter. As a matter of fact, I've always been negatively prejudiced towards the party, it's leadership and all that is associated with them. I still have the vivid images of the torture cells, allegedly run by MQM, with the blood splashed all overall in my mind, and it is not easy to change a point of view as strong easily. I also have the scences of the gloomy and dark 12th May fresh in my head. So my prejudice is not that unreasonable afterall.

Anyway, coming to the point. One should never hesitate to appreciate when it is due. MQM's stance on the Pakistan Government's deal with Taliban deserves all the praise and applause that one can render. Altaf Hussain and his party's vocal opposition of this horrible deal has conveyed the feelings of millions of Pakistanis across the world to the world at large. It really takes guts to stand up an enemy as brutal and dangerous as the Taliban, and MQM deserves all thr brownie points for doing so.

Good work Altaf and MQM.


  1. Dear SIkandar
    12 May was orchestrated by Anti MQM people

    The events showed on TV were biased and against MQM.
    Kindly watch this video of 12 May as well which is not shown on any TV channel WHY you can ask yourself.

  2. Faroqi Sahab, I'll definitely watch the video, and get back.

  3. Khalid Sahab, I have seen the video. I infact have seen it already, and to be honest, both Lal Topis and MQM walas were at fault on May the 12th. And unfortunately all other parties played their roles in the bloodshed too, but most of the blame lies on MQM, ANP and Qazi's Hussain's people. I think they are all responsible.