Tuesday, April 7, 2009

• • • So what's Dullah Bhadera anyway?

From wikipedia:

"Dullah Bhadera is a village and Union Council of Bahawalnagar District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is part of Chishtian Tehsil and is located at 29° 48' 40N 72° 42' 0E with an altitude of 155 meters (511 feet).

The village is inhabited mainly by Bhaderas, a sub sept of Johiya Rajputs. The village is more than three centuries old . It was built by and named after Abdullah Khan Bhadera and is only a few kilometers from the bank of river Sutlej

I am Sikander Fayyaz Bhadera and I happen to live in this village. The purpose of this blog is to get all, or at least, most of my family members to share their views on different issues concerning them, in and outside Pakistan. We all talk lengths on anything and everything sitting in our drawing rooms, so why not put it in black and white and share it with the world? So far three members of the Bhadera Clan [ well... my family ;) ] have agreed to write posts for this blog, and I am sure I'll be able to convince most of them to write in days to come. I intend to keep the tone of the blog as informal and frank as possible, just like the way we are at home with each other.

So this is essentially a blog for my family to pen down their views on what's happening around the world and share them with the everyone in the family, wherever he or she might be living. I think this should be interesting. Lets see !


  1. Thats so nice..but could u please change the color of this blog so it becomes less of a pain to the eyes?

  2. Well, I could do something about that... but I like it this more.. :(

  3. thanks a lot for changing the color..may God bless you with more rainfall this summer :P

  4. Hi Sikander. Amina here. Sonaia told me about this . i was wondering what i have to do to be a member