Wednesday, May 20, 2009

• • • So thank you Twilight!

It is so weird. I mean you feel everything, you are sure, you have never experienced when you watch the movie, but when it comes to writing about it, you just fail to find words. Yes, I am talking about THEE movie released last year, “TWILIGHT.” I don’t know if I should confess this, but okay, I will in the name of writing, I like vampires, and I watch all the tv series and movies that has anything to do with them. Twilight was one of them, by far the best, so I watched it, some seven times. But when I watched it, it became more than just watching a film. It wasn’t just a vampire movie; it was a whole new realization that we are missing out on so much ‘intensity’ in our lives. Not that I am talking about the traditional vampire fights it had, but I am very sure I felt what every other woman felt after watching the movie. No wonder it became such a huge success. It delivered what everyone wanted to see; Edward Cullen (hehehe - men in our lives believe that he’s the only reason we liked the movie) in reality, he is just one of the many reasons.

I mean, who wouldn’t like a guy like him (Edward) who is not just simply beautiful, but who also realizes the importance of real love, something he hadn’t experienced in so many years, and no matter how much he wanted to stay away, he just couldn’t. In this age u don’t expect your guys to love u like that, do you? Not that my husband doesn’t love me like that but, but that look in his (Edward’s) eyes when he looked at her (Bella), to find watching her sleep satisfying, to protect her whenever she needed him, and to be always thinking for her, about her… hmmmmm... so hey Mr. Husband do u love me like that?

My mind tells me to be realistic, but somehow just like most women, I am not always using my mind. A lot many times, if not most, its just heart. I know it’s just a movie, and its objective was to bank on something they knew women are missing out on. That is the fantasy, undying (in every sense of the word) love that only Bella got to experience. Yes she had to suffer in the name of love too but every woman goes through that without getting all that appreciation, all that love in return. It gave me a belief that we all deserve a treatment of that kind, to be that ‘Bella’ for ‘Edward,’ no matter how many problems we face in our REAL lives, or how long our relationships have been going on for, or how many kids we have. But i would actually appreciate my husband for at least watching it for me (hehe); having said that, the fact remains that humans cannot be vampires. But the message of the film is so simple and profound, the message that ‘love is all we need’ that it may not be that hard to understand. So thank you Twilight, for at least letting us live the fantasy, even for an hour and a half, because this world is becoming a li'l too realistic.


  1. It is a beautiful piece from you Fatima :) I expect that this is the beginning and we will get to read some really interesting thoughts from you in future. So, keep up :)

  2. Now how do you know I don't find watching you asleep satisfying? You are sleeping when I'm watching you 'asleep'.. remember?? ;)

    But yes, you are right. Women do not really get loved as much as they deserve to be, but we (men) try. Trust me, we do try. Men may not be as good at expressing their love and affection, but the love is there. May be stronger than Edward's for Bella. It's just that we don't have back ground music, well written screen play, and hard hitting dialogues to support us. Edward had all that, along with very good lighting and a director to guide. :p

  3. Fatima bhabhi, i must say u r a better writer than Bhadera sahab!!....i love the ending...and yes this is the first time im giving a feedback on any siku bhai-related blog :P

  4. Sana, but give me, at least, the brownie points for encouraging her to write... nahin?? ;)

  5. hey thanx sana n amara. Yes sikander did encourage me to write this so thank u siki n from now on i will make sure u watch me sleep because honey your satisfaction is all i want :p

  6. Fatima I like the way you have written it, and as much as I envy bella for having Edward... it is still just a movie. I agree with Sikander, our husbands love us a lot its just that they have other things to worry about too, like making a living working hard and get some sleep too.... Edward had none of that to worry about, now those worries set a side he had all the time in the world to give to Bella. I thought Bella was extremely annoying (NO! it's not just my jealousy speaking!) First of all she has two left feet, secondly she has this attitude, Oh I am too cool to be a regular human being!!
    But yes Edward is a dream come true kind of guy... or should I say vampire ;)
    All in all I loved the book and the movie...(although it is not intented for our age it is majorly for teenagers)and hehehe yes Muneeb watched it with me too :)

  7. Hey Fatima..first time I am writing to you I guess..probably u know me.. :O

    Nice post..I just guess you are jealous of Edward because he is yet to go bald unlike Siku.. :P

    Just kidding..

  8. Love it!!!!
    I agree.... Fatima is a better writer than Siku :P
    Keep it up Fatima !!! :)

  9. hey i know all of you especially you Anand , you are Sohaz toy uncle. I never got to thank you for tht so thank you :). We named that toy Anand so that Soha would know the importance. I thank you both for your comments and esp saying that i am better than siki hehe ...thank you girls ;) knew u will understand the sentiments hehe

  10. And all this while, I was under the impression that you guys were my friends. So much for trusting virtual friendship :x

    But yes, I must agree Fatima is better than me in everything. I dont call her my better half for nothing ;)

  11. oh yaa..Siku told me that..good to be immortalized as Soha's punch doll! :P

    InP has spoilt your language..better quit that n let me take it over..