Thursday, May 28, 2009

• • • A picture is worth a thousand words...

As I went to my farm this evening, I carried my camera along. On the way I was able to click two very interesting pictures.

1 - We have often heard a phrase, 'in the middle of no where.' The first picture is actually a visual translation of the phrase:

This is a house with no doors, and stands actually in the middle of nowhere. I was wondering how does it feel living at a place like this, where you have no one living around you at least for a good couple of kilometers. The house is on a piece of land right next to where my farm land ends. I'm still unable to understand why aren't there any doors installed.

2 - Second picture the I found very interesting is of a couple walking on a path.

The guy was walking with the help of a stick. He probably has polio, because his right leg looked a little shorter then the left one and his foot was extremely thin. But despite the disability, they guy was walking a couple of feet ahead of his wife. This is a usual scene in rural areas, men walking a few feet ahead of women, even if they are the only ones walking and no one else is around. What I find interesting, or weird is that why can't they walk side by side? Why do the men have to be ahead of women?


  1. SIku, I don't think you know how much you make me miss village life..! :D :x

  2. How can you miss something you haven't even experienced? :p

  3. It's a narrow it has place for only one person to walk..

    anyways, in your place/country, if they walk side by side, and god-forbid holding hands, you know what's in store?

  4. No, it is not a narrow path. It is big enough for a tractor to pass.

    And second point, that is a rather myopic view of my place/country. Rural Punjab is quite liberal.. just like most of Pakistan.