Thursday, May 28, 2009

• • • Ammara asks...

[ Ammara, a friend (actually my wife's, but what the hell mine too :p) raised following questions in comments section of a post titled 'Self Destructive Sub-Continent,' and I thought I'd post her 'comment', as it is, as a new blog entry. ]

Yesterday, another catastrophic event took place at Mall (road), some terrorists (so called Taliban) detonated a bomb and brought the police building to rubble. My office happens to be at Mall View Bank Square so it is hardly a few kilometers away from the disaster site. I can tell you that when the bomb went off my office building quaked such that we thought it is going to collapse; thankfully it did not. At first it looked like an earth quake but we could see a thick cloud of smoke in the sky and my colleagues knew then and there that it was a bomb blast. That was indeed a terrible incident and it shook me deeply and for the first time I was scared, though people around me were joking and laughing about it since this is the 4th time they have witnessed such a mishap.

Anyway, Rehman Malik (interior minister) promptly issued a statement that since Taliban are being defeated in Sawat and FATA this is their way of retaliation. President and Prime Minister as usual condemned the attack (it seems like this is the only thing they are capable of doing). My question here is why have we put these allegations on Taliban? What makes us so sure that only Taliban are capable of carrying out such activity? It is known to everyone that there are many external agencies (Iranians, Russians and others) actively operating in Pakistan these days and the mission is to destabilize Pakistan. So, why are Taliban being blamed for everything that is happening around us? It could be that the government wants people to strongly abhor Taliban and to wipe out any sympathies or doubts people have for them.

As per our prime minister, a recent Poll concluded that 75% Pakistani people voted for the army operations against militancy but we tend to forget that 80% of our population is do not have means or resources to the electronic media so which community does this 75% represent?

Another question is that if we allowed US to carry out drones in Pakistan territory, violating our sovereignty then why not allow Britain, India and others who have been the victims of the terrorist activities to carry out drones? I do not see the logic.

I get to read that Taliban are gathering in Karachi or Lahore so are we the next chosen one’s after Waziristan and Sawat? Do I see an end to the war that has started, the answer is NO, I don’t.


  1. Sikandar its very kind of you to post my comment as a blog. I wonder if I shall expect response on the questions raised :)

  2. Thought to share this post .. its really inspiring, I wish it could be translated in English...

  3. Not at all Ammara.

    Now.. first of all... I hope and wish that nothing of the sort happens again ever.

    Now coming to the perpetrators of this and other such incident. You are absolutely right that there are lot of hidden hands exploiting the situation in Pakistan. And it really makes no sense as to why our government doesn't come out and speak about them. It is high time that we stop hiding intelligence in closets, and take the nation on board about what is happening in the country and who ever is after it. Enough of leaked informations and drawing room conspiracy theories.

    But having said that, ruling out a possibility that so called Taliban can also be behind such attacks is not wise either. Now that they have claimed responsibility for the Lahore attack... we can't just keep believing that they are an innocent lot and can't behind such atocities is also unwise. Don't you think so ?

  4. i totally agree with Sikander in a way that when taliban so proudly take the blame for all the killings and say it out loud that they are doing it in the name of islam, they dont leave any other option to explore. But i also agree and infact asked my uncle who is an ex-army man the same question that why dont you ever take name of the countries that are actually involved behind all this while other countries dont take a second to blame pakistan for anything and everything. He said what i already felt to be the truth ...that we are cowards. Comming straight from an army man suddenly shattered my hopes and i decided never to think about it ever again and i never have :).

  5. "Another question is that if we allowed US to carry out drones in Pakistan territory, violating our sovereignty then why not allow Britain, India and others who have been the victims of the terrorist activities to carry out drones? I do not see the logic."

    That is because the US has been sponsoring the major pie of the war on terror on the Afghan-Pakistan border. They sure have the right to "oversee" that..But I am just thinking if India too were to contribute a share to the fund, will we also be allowed. I would love it, actually :)

  6. US started the war, they ought to pay for the incurred cost too, just like Saudis and Kuwaitis paid to US in first Gulf war.

    Your second point... what an irony.. I mean why would India 'contribute' to kill people they help train in the first place?? ;)

    Moreover India should contribute to the world's largest population living under dollar a day in a country than 'contributing' at other places.

  7. I refrained from mentioning RAW, which is participating very actively in Northern areas these days, misguiding innocents and training suicide bombers. It’s not an assumption since Pakistan Intelligence has confirmed it on the national television and I will post the video too.

    Plus, India has its own unresolved matters at hand that should be sorted out on priority basis and top of the list is the Kashmair agenda. You violate human rights and suffer the consequences accordingly in the form of mumbai attacks and similar atrocities.

    So my suggestion is live and let others live happily and peacefully :)