Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Man with a mission

I began writing this blog a couple of years ago, but don't know why, never finished it. Sharing just one paragraph that I wrote of a blog that is likely to remain unfinished:

'You only fail when you accept failure,' preached an energetic, confident and determined Imran Khan amid pin drop silence in a hall full of us, his followers, during at dinner he hosted in Islamabad's posh hotel. This one line pretty much summed up his life; an aspiring fast bowler, who was told over and over that his aspirations may just be a dream he might never be able to live. A philanthropist, looking to build a one of it's kind charitable cancer hospital for the poor of Pakistan, with a constant caution by everyone around him that he was bound to fail. A politician, with only a partial success after sixteen years of struggle, Imran Khan. The man who has single-handedly changed the way politics is done in Pakistan.

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