Saturday, August 6, 2011

A brand new journey, on a brand new road!

Writing does not come naturally to me. I want to write, and I wish I could write well but it is always an effort. I have so much jammed up in my head, but putting it into words become a tough ask. But I try, anyway.

Similarly politics doesn't come natural to me either. I always felt I wasn't cut out for this. For a long time, my goal in life was to somehow achieve contentment without caring much about what was the purpose of my life. In fact I didn't even wish to find or even think of a purpose for my life. All I wanted was to live, however meaningless the life may be, just live. It seemed like I was inspired by the famous cartoon character Bart Simpson's philosophy of 'existence without purpose.' But all this changed.

It changed when I turned 30. At an online social networking site, someone asked me if had achieved anything in these 30 years of my life, and I had no answer. I kept thinking the whole night, to find an answer to think of anything worth mentioning that I achieved in my life, or anything even worth living. Nothing. I was nothing other than being my father's son.

All of a sudden I wanted to do something, something that I could be proud of, something I would be remembered for when I'm long gone, something that helped not just me, but those around me as well. In the meantime, I got a chance to join Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, a political party that had been struggling for 14 years to bring about a positive change in Pakistan's corruption stricken politics. The party was like breath of fresh air, and people all over Pakistan loved Imran Khan for his honesty, uprightness, patriotism and his philanthropy. But the political system was such that the party's and it's chief's popularity couldn't convert into votes. Everybody like Imran Khan, praised him but somehow didn't vote. I was an avid fan too and always wished him success. Without thinking much, after discussing with my immediate family, my parents, my wife and my siblings, I joined the party. Only a month after my joining, I got an opportunity to host Imran Khan at my home for a jalsa. It was December the 28th, 2010.

There has been no looking back ever since. From living a purposeless life, now I am all purpose, and it is very simple; 'Pakistan'. All my efforts, day and night, are now to take Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Imran Khan's message to the remotest corners of the area I live in. It being a backward, rural area, doesn't have much access to the modern electronic media, so the task is uphill, but it's the challenge that gets me going. The most heartening aspect of it all is the positive response that I've been getting. The people are now ready to break the shackles. The day isn't far that this much needed 'change' will take Pakistan by storm and Imran Khan will lead this change. Inshallah


  1. It's a pleasure to see young energetic people like you joining hands with the great leader further strengthening Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. Hopefully many to follow inshallah.

  2. Nice to read this Sikander bhai , Thumps up.Best wishes for PTI

  3. Allah is on our side now, keep up the good work.

    InshAllah jeet hamari ho ge.

  4. great sir keep it up.. one day inshalah we will achieve our goal.......God bless u

  5. Look! This is a tree.... Now let us water this tree..... Let us protect it...............

  6. Uqabi rooh jab bedaar hotti hay jawaanoo main

    Nazar aati hay unko apni manzal asmanoo main

    I am feeling proud to be a friend of you sir.My all wishes are with you.May Allah bless you with his mercy,kindness and help Ameen.