Friday, June 12, 2009

'President' Zardari's address to nation!

The whole nation was kept waiting for a presidential address by President of Pakistan last night for more than three hours. Finally when this much anticipated address came, it lasted only for five minutes. President appeared on television shortly after 1 am, surrounded by three photographs, one customary and two unnecessary. So far we were putting up with BB's portrait accompanying Zardari everywhere, now 'Z' has joined in too. I wonder if next speach would feature more Bhuttos. Anyways, coming back to the address itself, which was more of a 'reading' than anything else. Extremely uninspiring, in fact borderline funny at some instances. The first question that arose after the speech ended was, ' is this what we were kept waiting for 3 hours?' And why didn't president pre-read those 3 paragraphs before coming on to tv?

I know Zardari is no Churchill or Obama, but how hard is it to read a written 5 minute speech properly? All the announcements that he made are much appreciated, but the way it is done is amusing, if not embarrassing for the whole nation. I wonder what do the armed forces feel having such a commander in chief, especially in a war like situation that we have today in our country. Do they really accept him as their supreme commander? I doubt.

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